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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Dhwani Bajaj

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

Fashion has been obsessed with futurism for nearly a century now. The earliest visions of tomorrow’s looks were influenced by science fiction movies and literature but with the dawn of the space age came a whole new aesthetic.

A bit more of a restrained minimalism, Balmain takes a bit more of a dramatic approach, accenting monochromatic palettes with theatrical silhouettes.

The shoot features strong detachment of sci-fi costumes in holographic PVC, and use of silver accessories. Other Space Age-tinged offerings include Balmain’s holographic silvers, fashions that look like they came straight from another planet

Fashion as an experience or as a medium to travel across time weaving many worlds simultaneously has given legends in the industry ideas and concepts to create and recreate timeless foundations of style. Time travel apart, maybe that’s not entirely far-fetched.