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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Workspace Design

Ananya Chirag,Jainam Chheda,Sejal Shinde

Interior Design

Class of 2022

Designing a cohesive workspace for various departments under a digital video game developing and publishing company that releases multiple small-scale, hyper-casual games that are distributed on an online platform. The flow, connections and visuals are inspired and based around energy, pixels, flexibility and collaboration.

Results were achieved after studying the digital sector in detail through case-studies, surveys and standards in work-place design. Ergonomics of the human body were explored in new ways.

Further, after studying these aspects and deriving a strong concept based on the design brief, with the help of a word-cloud a small adjacency and department spacing diagram was made.

Taking the same word-cloud and diagram forward, an entire bubble diagram showing the zoning of the spaces on site was created. These were later converted to a full-fledged plan as seen earlier.