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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

Young Bougee

Param Suru

Fashion Communication & Styling

Class of 2021

"They are hopeful, They approach life with zest, They are grateful" The project is surrounded around these three aspects: Quality, cherished items and environmental awareness.

With an understanding of the structures and patterns of trend development, the tools available for identifying emerging trends, and a framework for researching, presenting and forecasting broader trend themes for the year of 2020.

The conclusion was that the year 2020 will see the rise of breaking the norm with seasonless cycles. For the year 2020, this aspirational shoot for the brand Gucci tries to put together the silhouettes/textures and the color palette which would be seen on the rise.

Now personalization, innovation and exclusive experiences demand their attention. Among these is an increasing desire for brands to align with their values and beliefs, including an increased emphasis on sustainability and low-impact manufacturing methods.