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Undergraduate Program


Undergraduate Program

YouTube Projector - Enhance your experience

Sakina Kathawala

Product Design

Class of 2022

YouTube is a platform which allows users to watch,like,share and upload videos of their own choices. As a brand it has a vast audience and people from any age group love watching videos on this platform. Youtube offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. It attracts the audience towards the entertainment and learning sector. When it comes to video, YouTube has dominated the market. For more than a decade, YouTube's marketing dominance is unquestioned but still it has a list of competitors, so to stand out from the usual if youtube launches a product for the users, the brand can be a step ahead from its competitors.

So now one can imagine if YouTube launches a Product which is a Portable projector it will have an amazing effect on the users. This might make youtube stand out differently from its competitors The product will allow the audience to have a better experience while watching the videos, this will connect the users with the brand more. For Eg: The projector can be used while one needs to learn to cook as sometimes it gets difficult to learn from a small screen while cooking, or it can be used by young kids for learning and entertainment purposes on a bigger screen

The YouTube Projector is unique in its own way where the users have the opportunity to control the lens movement from up to down, this projector can be placed anywhere and the users can have an enhanced experience just sitting at home. The Projector doesn't need any heightened surface to be placed on, the users can simply adjust the lens height however they wish, which makes it easy and simple for the users.

Youtube is such a brand that when it launches any new feature to the website it keeps the users benefits and comfort first. Thus this product will allow Youtube to connect more with its audience and build a stronger bridge between the users and the brand. Also in the fast running world the people are inclined more towards social networking platforms, thus launching this Projector could be a plus point for Youtube and its users. YOU NEVER GET BORED WITH YOUTUBE