Anando Dutta

Program Director

Communication Design as a discipline scaled new frontiers this year. Last year, in the fall semester, students in the second year created typefaces, text and graphic narratives, and dabbled in coding for audio-visual animation tasks; the third year students deconstructed images, still and moving to understand motifs and iconography as semiology, which led to the complexity of brand design projects some of which were hypothetical; while the fourth year students undertook greater challenges of thesis.

In the spring semester this year, a range of projects were imagined in the user experience and digital interface domains for second year students; collaborative experiments in social design as well as consumer centric promotion were explored by the third, there were brave virtual reality projects executed which remain ongoing with great promise and lastly, some exciting new design recommendations and prototypes in the thesis assignments undertaken by the graduating students.

The final projects were driven by personal interest in the subject as well as inclination towards a domain that was challenging, in a medium that offered optimal bandwidth to achieve the communication objective.

The solutions covered areas of human interest, educational kits for the blind, social anxiety disorders, inter-personal distress of isolation and depression, and dementia, to raising awareness to challenges of post-partum despair and exploring the nuances of positivity. There were other recommendations that attempted to understand masculinity as a forced stereotype. Uniquely, one of the projects was about creating appropriate ingredients and recipes for deliciously healthy consumption. Students also looked at the complexity of way finding as well as looked at creating solutions to campaign for a community of artisans based in the city. Amongst the mix were also documentary films, one, about a disappearing tribe of pastoralists and another about performers of puppet theatre and their diminishing opportunities in today’s bustle.

This year in our studios, we have seen increasingly, more and more visual design tasks using technology to create offerings that are engaging and responsive to needs of users. And most importantly, classroom projects are looking for validation from target consumers to ascertain functionality and relevance to evaluate success.

Utkarsha Malkar

Associate Program Director

Telling stories in a compelling way…I believe life is a learning process and with each new role I grow both as an individual and a professional.

As a Communication Design Specialist my purpose is to uncover, assemble and advance ideas, rooted in insights and research, to solve today’s most complex business/communication/brand challenges. To create elegant and effective digital / physical solutions that encourage exploration, foster engagement and build loyalty.

With work experience ranging over 20 years, starting with J. Walter Thomson as an Art Director, moving on to Publishing with the launch of “OVERDRIVE” and then Manager Graphic at Star News Corp. my experience includes a wide range of integrated creative, branding and communication solutions.

Professional Practice: 1992 Hindustan Thompson Associates - Mumbai
2002 Manager Graphics - Star News – Star India- Mumbai
2017 Design Manager - Accenture - Pune | INDIA

Industries in my Portfolio as a consultant range from :* Fashion* Retail * Real Estate * Logistics *Eco friendly Services *Educational Institutes *Entertainment Industries & NGO’S

A desire to understand the world and to improve it always remains at the core. Design is a managed process and my quest for knowledge is subject to an inquiry of the apparent, the imagined and the recalled.

As a Design educator have mentored over 100 students and contributed to their success both academically as well as professionally.

Academic Practice:
2014- 2016 MIT Institute of Design HOD. - Graphic Design- Pune | INDIA

Currently as Associate Program Director as ISDI- Indian School of Design and Innovation, I take courses which are multi-disciplinary and converge human values, technology and business manage- ment. In this context I addresses the new and emerging socio-cultural and economic aspects.




I am Communication Design faculty with eighteen years of experience, providing exemplary insight and expertise in the design, development, and implementation of ILT in the corporate & academic sector. This experience has nurtured a meticulous organizational ability, as well as dynamic interpersonal and communication skills. Having worked with some of the industries finest I pride myself on being able to demonstrate a natural talent for reaching out to the students, offering a fresh and dynamic approach to the world of designing. Hard-working, creative, and self-motivated, I find that my greatest satisfaction comes from sharing ideas, working with a team to find creative solutions, and forging strong working relationships. An insatiable desire to expand my knowledge has led to an ability to quickly learn new technologies and to adapt to any environment effectively.

I studied MA at Mumbai University, graduating in History and Master of Fine Art from Annamalai University, specializing in Graphic Design. I also hold a PG Diploma in Digital Graphics, Diploma in Applied Art, Diploma in Instructional Designing (ID), Diploma in Indian Aesthetics (With Research), Diploma in Art, Yoga and Tantra and Diploma in Comparative Mythology.

Isha Patel

Faculty Communication Design

'Drawing inspiration from human stories, I am a designer and strategist brimming with passion and inspiration, constantly on the lookout for new opportunities that allow me to give back and make a difference in human life. With an MA in Design and Brandings Strategy from Brunel University London and a background in Communication Design, I attempt to add value from a local and global perspective with practical relevance and balance of research, experience and aesthetics. Having worked across industries and clients in renowned organizations, I have also been pursuing varied interests by managing my own initiative as a freelance consultant for almost 5 years.

I seek inspiration in travel, people, conversations and cultures.'

Kanika Sharma

Faculty Communication Design

Professionally trained as an Accessory Designer with degree of Bachelor of Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad (2008) and dual degree with Master of Fine Arts in Photography from University of Creative Arts, UK and Post Graduate Diploma in Photography Design from National Institute of Design (2012), I have an experience of approximately 9 years of working in various creative fields like jewellery design, social impact handicraft projects, photography workshops, working as freelance photo - artist and teaching design to International Baccalaureate school children. While I thoroughly enjoy being with young people, my interest in critical thinking and empathy helps me understand students better in making them realize their own potential. Writing, listening, counselling, heartfulness and spirituality comes naturally to me.

Currently, working as a part of Communication Design and First-Year Studies faculty team at ISDI Parsons, Mumbai (since 2018), I am an optimist at heart, a believer that with design education combined with spirituality one can truly make a difference to the world in shaping empathetic future citizens.