Fashion Design

The cutting edge fashion- foundation program encapsulates the essence of fashion practices.Student will get to learn about Sensitivity to the environment, thought process development, narration and fundamentals of conceptualization. Ability to translate and iterate, analysis of 2D and 3D forms, spatial analysis, principles and elements of design.

key info

  • age: 13 - 18 Years
  • duration: 3 Months, 3 days a week
  • fees: RS. 18,900 + 18% GST
  • language: ENGLISH

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study plan

  • Ideation Package: Design Core

  Sensitivity to the Environment | Thought Process

  Development, Narration & Fundamentals of Conceptualization.

  • Visual Communication

  Ability to Translate and Iterate Analysis of 2D and 3D Forms |

  Spatial Analysis, Principles and Elements of Design.

  • Fashion Theory

  Introduction to Trend Analysis | Research Methodology |  

  Theory of Fashion and Segments of Fashion History.

  • Textile Studies foundation

  Introduction to Tactile Samples |  3D developments and

  Deepen the Understanding of the Fiber – Fabric Curation.



 The core framework helps the students extrapolate and deepen their ideation process along with a strong iteration and translation process.