Luxury Brand Study And Management

Luxury Brand Design and Management is a specialised 9 months program where the focus is on the essence, the heritage and the organisation of high-end industries. It focuses on the strategic development of leading luxury sectors and provides an interdisciplinary understanding of their processes and specificity at the crossroads of design innovation, business and culture. In this course, special focus is put on Haute Couture and the relation between French Fashion heritage, local crafts, creativity and strategic management. The course objectives are to open your minds to the various verticals of Luxury Fashion worldwide. The course gives an understanding of the Fashion industry from Fashion groups perspective and every vertical of products and services offered by them.

Candidates with a secondary-school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after an interview with the course’s leading faculty and the Director.

key info

  • age: 18 Years & Above
  • duration: 6 Months | 3 hours per
  • fees: Rs. 36000+ 18% GST
  • language: ENGLISH

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study plan

The sub-modules include Fashion Hubs and Pioneers of Luxury Branding, Luxury Product Development Process and Packaging, Luxury Brand and Marketing and Lifestyle Luxury.

  • Fashion Hubs and Pioneers of Luxury Branding
  • Luxury Product Development Process and Packaging
  • Luxury Brand and Marketing
  • Lifestyle Luxury


Upon successful completion of the consolidated course, the outcome will be:

  • Fashion enthusiasts will be thoroughly informed about every sector of Fashion Luxury Brand Management
  • They will learn the design process, production and selling of premium products worldwide.
  • The aspirants will develop thorough understanding of Luxury Sales, Consumers and after Sale services.
  • The course will enhance your skills of managing, selling and representing Luxury products
  • The class projects will include multiple case studies and visual projections of Luxury brands and their collections.


Based on the student’s personal abilities and the skills acquired, the course qualifies aspirants for jobs in Fashion Luxury Brand Manager, Fashion Consultant, Luxury Marketing Manager, Luxury Analysts and Luxury Trainer.