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Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program


Undergraduate Program Postgraduate Program

Candy Floss and Pop Corn

Aayushi Hingarh,Bhavprita Kejriwal,Divya Panchal,Risa Jain,Saanika Nasta,Sakshma Shetty,Sanchi Shah

Fashion Design

Class of 2020

Candy Floss and Pop Corn is a kidswear brand that focuses on creating sustainable and eco-friendly clothing for children. Using natural production techniques and artisanal creators, the brand empowers India’s local designers

The brand concept covers the three peas of planet, people, profit successfully. Using eco-friendly packaging natural dyes and sustainable materials the brand is eco-friendly in nature.

The creators would include karigars, local artisans and Indian designers. Each would be contributing to local development and would use sustainable techniques.

Sustainabilty must be a pre requisite in all upcoming brands and each must endeavour to build sustaible futures for ours and the enxt generation.